Life Moving

    Life around moving boxes.

    My house is pure chose right now and we are living around moving boxes.

    Currently, the house is about 75% packed up and ready to go, the other 25% not so much.

    It’s very weird living around boxes packed and unpacked. Looking for things that need to be packed up and looking for things that have already been packed up. Its hard to know what you will need in the coming weeks (or days) leading up to the big moving day and what you need to get rid of.

    You don’t realize how much stuff you have until you have to move.

    I have given away a lot of stuff to friends who will I know will put it to good use. Like craft supplies, baking supplies, board games, odds and sods. A couple of friends from work got a huge box each of craft supplies for their kids, a friend got a couple of board games I no longer play and I’ve sold a couple of things over the internet.

    Fun fact:
    When you sell things on the internet people will always try and haggle. Which is totally expected and its fine, but they will have you wanting to hit your head on the keyboard for their stupidity.

    I sold the spare bed, some coloring books and gave away a free desk.
    On the post I made for the bed and desk, I clearly stated that delivery would not be an option as


    The amount of people who asked how much delivery would be and if I could ask could deliver was TOO DAMN HIGH! I also had people try and haggle the price.
    Again that is fine but in the case for me selling some of the million adult coloring supplies, it was annoying. I sold two coloring books, one 500peice coloring puzzle, two small packs of coloring sheets and a roll of wrapping paper, I asked for $30 for the lot. I had 5 different people offer me $5-15 for the lot. I also had two people ask me to deliver it to them, when I stated I would meet them at a skytrain station. In the end I sold it for lot for $30 and she picked it up.
    The only smooth transaction was giving away the free desk. The lady told me she wanted it but would need help getting it into her car. DONE!

    The spare room has turned from a crafting space with a spare bed to a room full of packed moving boxes. The living room is covered in packing supplies, boxes, assorted things that still need to be packed and things that need to be given away. The bathroom is empty except for the things one needs for daily bathroom needs. The bedroom is a zoo of clothing, empty book shelves and a mostly empty closet.

    Selling some stuff, donating some stuff, giving some stuff away and tossing out things that needed to be tossed are always a good feeling. De-cluttering feels amazing. Trying to pack what is left has proven to be tedious and boring.

    But the part that sucks is stubbing your little toe on one of boxes in the middle of the night. It’s a great reminder that nothing has a home yet everything belongs in a box.

    Until you need it.

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