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July 2015


Mystery Date.

A date is a great way to get to know someone. Dates with your friends, new relationships or your significant other are a great way to get to know someone all over again or for the first time. I enjoy having myself a mystery date to surprise the other. It’s easy as ABC. How does one have a mystery date? Well let me explain…

Things needed for date:
1. A disposable camera.
2. Water, it’s important to stay hydrated.
3. An afternoon to enjoy said mystery date.
4. A date. It could be a friend, Significant other, or a complete stranger on the street.
5. The follow list. Please feel free to change anything as you see fit.

Rules of the Mystery date
1. You may not split up to “divide” scavenger hunt tasks or pay or bribe additional individuals to join your team and complete your tasks.
2. Some items deal with strangers. It’s important to be kind and respectful to them. They are like wildlife. They scare easy. Be cautious when approaching strangers.
3. NO harassing citizens of your town, physically or verbally for items or photographs. It is their right to choose not to help you and you should respect that (even if you think they are lame for not helping you).
4. If for whatever reason you can’t find an item you must present your date with valid reason as to why it can’t be found and a suitable substitute with the corresponding letter.
5. You have 24 shots but 26 items, make the most of them. You may combine items to make a great picture.
6. At lease one of the two of you need to be in the picture. Both if need be, ask someone to take your picture.
7. Have fun, be silly and weird people out.

Mystery list:
A- Animal of your choice.
B- Bus!
C- Church.
D- Doubles.
E- Entertainment of your choice.
F- Free.
G- Gelato.
H- Hat.
I- Imagination: use it, it’s dangerous.
J- Jumping Jack.
K- Kale.
L- Lunch. be a hipster, take a picture.
M- Maple Syrup.
N- Ninjas.
O- Onion: Like Ogres, they have layers.
P- Postcard.
Q- Quack.
R- Rainbows.
S – Stranger Danger: Get a picture with a stranger.
T- Treasure!
U- Umbrella.
V- Vest.
W- Water.
X- Xanadu “A place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment.”
Y- You choose: Free Play
Have the best Mystery date!

All the best,
Bailey B.


Redhead in Retail.

I work in customer service, more specifically retail customer service. This coming November will be 10 years. So needless to say, I’ve got many things I could tell you. But today I think we will give today’s blog a theme: Being a redhead in the retail world. I’m beginning to feel like my hair attract moments like these like bees to honey.

I remember coming into work with my hair done up and a bit of make up on. I’ll be honest with you, I went to someones Christmas party with them the night before and was too tired to take my hair down. So as a result, I was a bit more fancy that day. This is a real conversation that I had with a male customer just about 8 months ago.

Customer: “You have nice hair, is it real? Do you dye it?”
Me: “Thanks, yes it is and No sir, I don’t.”
“Are you from Halifax?”
“No sir, I’m from the interior.”
“Are you from British Colombia?”
“Born and raised.”
“I’d love to have you as my girlfriend!”
“That’s great sir but I’m afraid you can’t.”
“Can I at least have your phone number?”
“No sir you can’t, here’s your bill, your change and have a great day. Next customer please. “

So reasons like that are probably why I don’t put a real effort into looking nice for work.

I had to go to another store to get some training done about 3 years ago now and it’s a day I’ll never forget. Reason: I got petted at work that day. Petted as in someone came up to me and started petting my hair. I’m used to getting the “Your hair is beautiful, is it natural? Wow I love your hair color, is it real?” These are just some of the questions I get from strangers. But until this point no stranger has actually touched my hair. This one woman came up to me with the usual “Your hair is beautiful!” Before I knew what was going, she was petting my hair like I was some lost and adorable cat. I didn’t know what to do, it was the first time anyone had actually touched my hair well I was working. I awkwardly said thanks, ducked away from her hand, and then took about 7 steps backwards told her to have a good day and told my co-worker I was going on a break.

One of my most memorable moments is probably one that happened about 7 years ago. I was just taken off the customer service desk for a break. Lucky me, I had chosen the route to the lunch room down the hair color aisle! A customer had stopped me for a couple of hair color questions. I politely told her that I didn’t know very much about hair color but I would be happy to page someone to the aisle to give her a hand. This customer proceeds to then grab a couple of boxes of red hair dye, put them next to my head and say “Bullshit, you can’t have a red like that unless it came from a box” then started arguing with me that my hair color wasn’t natural. This customer proceeded to hold more boxes to my hair and argue with me about which color it was for about 5 mins. I don’t suggest saying what I said next but it worked! I replied with “Well it came from my mother’s box and she’s not making them anymore.” Yes highly inappropriate but desperate times call for desperate measures! Then my supervisor at the time came around the corner and asked why I hadn’t gone on my break yet, I explain the situation. My supervisor then told this customer “Come back in 8 months and you will see Bailey’s hair is still the same red”. I took my cue to run away and I did. This customer would come back every few months just to check up on my hair just to see if it was still the same red as it was that day.

After nearly 10 years doing the same thing you would think it would get boring. Although with customers like these, which most of them are great, it keeps me on my toes and the job interesting! All the best, Bailey B.


The Bus.

As I posted last Monday about my lovely ride to work let me tell you about past encounters with some lovely transit folk on the bus. As a result of some of these, it’s part of the reason I tend to avoid the bus after dark, or whenever I can when I’m by myself. These have actually happened to me over the last 7 years of Living in Vancouver. I couldn’t make these up if I tried.

One time I was waiting for the 250 horseshoe bay bus to get to Park Royal, where I was working at the time, in downtown Vancouver. Now if you have ever visited downtown Vancouver, you would know its very business dress for a weekday. So it’s about 7:45 in the morning, people are moving about and I’m engrossed in my phone so I’m not paying attention to the world around me. I did notice a guy sit down right next to me on the bench and use the seat to his right for his gym bag. He was wearing blue sweatpants. I think nothing other than “You ass hat, someone else could sit there, does your bag really need that seat?” Not thinking “Why is this guy wearing sweatpants in downtown Vancouver on a weekday?” instead. I went back to my phone, shortly after this man sat down. Not even a minute later this girl came over and said to me “You want to stand over with me”.

Turns out the ass hat had started masturbating right next to me at the bus stop.

Probably the reason he was wearing sweatpants, easy access and cover up. I’m still really grossed out that had happened but so glad I didn’t see anything, thank the holy heavens, and that random girl was there to be my hero.

There was that one time I got told my boobs were offensively large and they should be covered up. Now if you know me, I try to NOT have my ladies hanging out. But the icing on the cake was that this came from a lady not wearing a bra, in a very gross and dirty top that left NOTHING to the imagination.

Then there was that time I was going to take the bus to a friend’s place. Well waiting for my bus to show up I somehow managed to get hit on and see a guy take a poop on a bench. Fun fact: Same guy.

Or there was the time that I got called out for being a devil worshiper because I chose to be a redhead. Being a natural redhead, this happens more often than I like to care for. Although this story is the reason one of my good friends and I have the nicknames Spawn and Witness. But I’ll get into that on another day because that needs to be its own post.

Now mind you this is just what has happened to me on the bus, never mind whats happened on the skytrain.

All the best,
Bailey B.


Awkward dates

Every person has a story of a bad date that they have been on. I have been on more than my share of awful, cringe worthy dates.  Let me share you a couple true stories of my life when I was single.

This date took place about 3 years ago? I went on a date with an attractive redhead named Gavin. He seemed like an interesting character with some quirky personality. We decided to meet up for lunch. We ended up meeting up at Cafe Deux Soleils because he’s vegetarian. He’s attractive, outgoing and he loves animals, why is this man single? Well…. we somehow got on the topic of finding “the one” and babies. Yes already on awkward ground as we had been on this date for about 30 mins. Then, he proceeds to drop the following and I look for the nearest exit to go anywhere but that moment.

“You will need to be pure before we start having kids. Like no more drinking, drugs and un-natural foods. Everything you put into your body from now on will be organic so our baby will have a clean and healthy start with their energy”.

It should be noted that I don’t do drugs, but Gavin here was talking about cold and pain medications such as ibuprofen and the like.

The date ended soon after.

I like to believe that everyone goes on at least one super awkward date in their life. Let me tell you about my awkward date with Mike that happened about 2 years ago. He was working as an architectural technologist, so in other words very smart with lines and terms. He was about my height, short blond hair and a retainer. Mike wasn’t my usual type of guy, he was very shy, awkward, didn’t like sports but had a kind smile. We had an alright first date over cheesecake and coffee. Mike was very shy, loved books and old movies, so the first date was a bit slow but other than that quite lovely. The second date started off with Mike taking his retainer out before dinner, which is alright but leaving it on the table in the open, not so much. When dinner was over and walking to the skytrain, I saw the kiss coming miles away. How? Well he said “In order to give you a proper kiss, I need to remove my retainer”.

The date ended very soon after that, without a good night kiss.

I had gone on of dates with some guy who’s name I can’t remember, but I do remember going out for dinner, ending back at my place hanging out on the couch. I don’t remember much of that evening other than feeling super uncomfortable as he tried his hardest to put his moves on me. I should mention that my roommate was home this entire time, so that in itself was awkward. I do however remember him saying the lines “No grapefruits, no grouping” and laughing my ass off in front of him. As to the context of this I can only imagine it had to do with my roommate’s grapefruits on the table and this date wanting to go forth with more than just hanging out on the couch. I also remember hearing my roommate laugh from his room soon after hearing that line and him thinking this guy was an asshole.

Needless to say, the dates didn’t continue after that.

I’ve been on many, many first dates, some great, most not so great, some awful. I learned through dating that to find a prince you have to kiss a few frogs or throw pasta in their face. Now that’s one of my favorite memories from dating, but that’s for another time!

All the best,
Bailey B.



Bucket list of Goals #1.

If you knew me you would know that Ireland has been on my bucket list since the beginning of high school. In December of 2013, my grandmother Rose passed away. I realized that life’s too short to stand around and wait for adventure to find you. So once I got back from the funeral in another province, I had my passport picture taken, the paper work filled out, and soon I was sitting in the passport office waiting for my the woman to call my number.

A few weeks later, I had my very first passport.

1480583_10151791688990653_2143732808_nSoon after I took this photo, I booked a trip to Ireland with Contiki. I figured well since I’m going to Ireland, I might as well go to Scotland. Its close enough to London, I should go visit a friend too. This is how I ended up in my first great adventure.
I remember waking up in Scotland going “I’m going to Ireland today, actually going to Ireland, holy crap!”. I also remember my fellow travelers wondering why I was so excited about going. I’m sure they were also very annoyed with me because it was 7am and I still hadn’t had any coffee yet.

Ever have a feeling where you are stealing a moment from time? Well I had that feeling all over Ireland. It could have just been the ferries and the leprechaun’s because it felt magical.

Here is one of the moments where life just caught me.

I spent a week in Ireland and it was one of the best weeks of my life. Its a place I wish to revisit someday soon. Preferably with someone who is important to me because Ireland holds a place in my heart.

Bailey B.


Well, it was Monday after all.

Its becoming clear to me that public transportation and myself don’t mix.

Lets take this mornings ride to work.

I’ve managed to make it off the skytrain and am now on my walk to work. A group of people, myself included, where waiting to cross a busy street. Hooray cross walks!

Enter crazy guy.

He starts yelling at two guys in front of us to move, cross the street, NOW! When you clearly can’t because well, cars. The crazy guy then starts calling them and I will quote him here “Police perverts”. Then goes on how they need to get out of his way and cross the street. Mind you the light hasn’t changed and you can’t cross the street. Again because cars. It seems that no one is going to say anything, so I spoke up. I told him to leave these two alone, which looking back I can see why everyone else didn’t. He goes on to say and I quote “looking is not seeing”. Then goes on rant how I need to really see people for what they are.

Well I’m sorry sir, but I see that you are crazy. I didn’t need to look more into that.

Light changes, everyone crosses and the crazy guy continues to go on how looking is not seeing and people should just keep their mouth shut this early in the morning.

All I can say is, Thank the heavenly gods for good strong coffee.

I would love to tell you this is a once in a blue moon occurrence for me, but alas, this happens more often than I’d like to admit. I’m almost certain that the color of my hair is the reason for such crazy adventures with transit. But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

All the best,
Bailey B.


Hello world!

Hello & welcome to my little corner of the internet!

First thing you need to know when starting a blog, it’s its own adventure. Choosing the name seems to have been the hardest part!

So lets get to it! My name is Bailey, I’m 27 and I have a knack for finding adventure. Or sometimes it finds me, on the bus, at work, on an airplane or somewhere around the world. Many people have told me that I should write a book with all the adventures I’ve had over the years, but I’ll settle for a blog.

Take off might be a little rough, but it’s the journey I’m really excited about!

All the best,