The Skytrain part 2.

As many of you know, my method of transportation around Vancouver is our lovely public transportation! So with that in mind, I think its time for another blog post about my adventures with it!

My route to work includes a bus, a skytrain and another skytrain. I’ve got my travel time to and from work down to about 20-30 minutes. Compared to what it was 3 years ago, I’d say its pretty great. With that said, I still see a crazy amount of things.

I took the Skytrain home after closing at work. Everything was pretty normal, I didn’t meet anyone on my way to the Skytrain from work. Their was a fair check going on at the top so Vancouver Police where present for Fare evaders. However, on this particular evening they were doing construction on the tracks, so the platform was only open on one side. Essentially this means you have to wait a little longer to get on a train in the direction you need to go. It usually goes, 2 eastbound, then 2 westbound trains. I have learned to wait for the second eastbound train because its much less crowded.

Cue first train going Eastbound.

Cue everyone trying to get on & off at the same time because people think they wont get to where they need to go.
With that said, there always seems to be that one person who forgets they need to get off and tries to get off before the doors close.

Cue drunk guy who has just realized this ^. Now add to the fact, people are already ready for the doors to close. Then add the fact Drunk guy also has a stroller with a baby in it. Now everyone is trying to get out of his way in an orderly but hurried fashion, including a guy who is in the process of moving his backpack off the ground and stepping out of this train to let the guy off.

Then it happened.

Drunk guy has started using his stroller as a battering ram to get people out of his way. He ends up hitting backpack guy with his stroller and getting wheels caught on that tiny gap between the train and platform. *In this moment I thought to myself “Mind the Gap!”*. He mistakes this as the backpack guy trying to prohibit him from getting off the train. Drunk guy than smashes his stroller him one more time and the stroller goes falling over and on to the platform.

And then the fight started.

Remember that stroller had a baby in it!  So enter Drunk guys girlfriend screaming MY BABY MY BABY!”. Well Drunk guy and backpack guy where throwing punches. Once Drunk guy realized the VPD where on the platform, he grabbed his kid from his girl and started yelling at VPD that Backpack guy threw his stroller and baby to the ground, so he had to defend his kid. 

Well, everyone else on that train and platform saw and said otherwise. They held the train to get statements from people and or pull them off for questioning, then let that train go.

All of this happened in less than 5 mins. It was crazy to watch and completely bizarre. This was actually the first time I’ve seen a fight break out in front me. It was also the first time I’ve seen someone use their stroller, equipped with baby, as a battering ram to move people.

Now arrived the second eastbound skytrain, and lo and behold, it was much less crowed then the first one. Of course I got on that one and begun the rest of my ride home.

Taking Transit in Vancouver is an adventure of its own and this is just one of the reason I find I feel that way,These are the Other Reasons.

Do you have any exciting stories about transit in Vancouver? Or am I the only one! Let me know in the comments below!

All the best,
Bailey B.

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    West Coast Blog Girl
    September 15, 2015 at 10:52 am

    Wow. People are unbelievable.

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