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October 2015


Canadian Thanksgiving.

Hello everyone!

I swear I didn’t forget about this blog! Life just kind of happened again and I lost the mojo! But fear not, I’m trying really hard to get back into the swing of writing again! Breaking old habits are hard but do-able!

Canadian Thanksgiving is today and I have plenty to be thankful for. I’ll give you Four things I’m super thankful for and why.

First in the spotlight is my family and friends. Well you might say “Hey that’s two things!”. Well, some of my friends are like family and thus get to share the number One reason to be thankful this year. Although I might not have your typical white picket fence, fancy dresses and dinner party family. I have a great family that is around when I need them. I have friends all over the world. No matter where in the world I am, they are there. I’ve got some pretty spectacular people in my life¬† and I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way. I’m excited to share life and its adventures with all of them.

Second in the spotlight is the Italian, the guy who puts up with my shenanigans and lets me be myself. All well living with me! He makes me laugh, brings me tea when I’m feeling like a potato and is my space heater in the winter time.

Third in the spotlight is Canada. I have traveled a little, and already have realized how amazing it is to live in a country like Canada. I don’t fear for my life to vote, I don’t have to worry about going to the doctor, I can express my opinion as a women and have it be heard. We have clean water, beautiful landscapes and a $50 bill that smells like maple syrup.

Forth in the spotlight is my job. I’m very grateful I have a job. It gives me a reason to get up in the morning, to live in a place with a roof and windows, it allows me to pay my bills, to indulge in fine things, and it allows me to travel. Without this job I wouldn’t know where I would be.

I have so many more reasons I am thankful for this Thanksgiving, these are just Four. I could sit here all day and write about them but I won’t. I may have to work today but that’s OK, I have a job, a great family in a fantastic country and brilliant friends to share it with.

As my dad says,
“Happy Turkey Day!”

All the best,
Bailey B.