Team Adventure

When you live in a beautiful country such as Canada it’s hard not to spend every free moment exploring everything all the time. I find its best to explore things when you’ve got great adventure friends.

So let’s break down Team Adventure and what we are all about!

Geoff- the Driver and all a round really cool guy.
Sarah- The explorer and all round amazing person.
Anthony C- The Irishman and all round fun person.
Bailey B (That’s me)- The Planner and I make excuses to go out.

Team adventure is about having a good time, a good laugh and exploring this lovely city, Vancouver, and the surrounding area. BC is really a beautiful province and it’s a blessing to live here. So explore all the things, laugh at all the things and have a good time doing it with great friends.

Team Adventure probably started about 3 months ago. Geoff, Sarah and I realized that we needed more reasons to go out and Adventure. So, we made a thing out of it and called it Team Adventure.

Ever go hiking in February around the sea to sky Gondola in running shoes and blue jeans? I have and I regret nothing. The best part about that adventure, besides the company of course, was that you never knew if your next step would be on to solid snow or you would lose your footing and sink in.! Except that one time I slipped and slid down a snowy path, leaving a trail of blue in my wake. After that trip, my jeans no longer bleed on anything. Geoff and Sarah got one hell of a laugh out of it though, so there’s that. It’s important to laugh at yourself on these kinds of adventures.

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Back in April, Team adventure took a trip out to Othello tunnels, but ultimately ended up exploring Bridal falls instead. This is the point, you never know where you’re going to end up!

Just because something says closed, doesn’t mean it’s “closed”. Like the Othello tunnels. Although when it’s raining, it’s probably best not to jump into the giant puddle on the other side of the fence. Then how do you get back around with said puddle in the way.

So we opted to head to bridal falls instead.

Just because a park says it’s closed due to falling trees and the gate is open, is it really closed?  No, not really. Just use common sense and don’t park under any trees. Bridal falls has been a spot I’ve wanted to visit since forever, the countless times I’ve driven past it going to Kamloops and back to Vancouver.

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Its magical.
It was also the first time I got to wear out my new adventure boots! No better way to break in new shoes than climbing waterfalls.

This was the trip that I realized that Geoff and Sarah are two very fun people to hang out with and adventure with. They also put up with me and my need to take pictures of everything well out on said adventures. We have many more plans for adventures this summer and I’m super excited for all of them.

Especially camping on the Island!

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