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Webster’s dictionary defines passion in the following way:

: a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something
: a strong feeling (such as anger) that causes you to act in a dangerous way
: a strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone

Last August I got to see every variation of that definition at Mel and Eric’s wedding.

The day before the wedding was the rehearsal. This was where I experienced the first definition of passion: A strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.
I was going to see two of my very good friends get married! Also, I was going to be a part of that!
The rehearsal was pretty standard. “These tables go here, no you can’t move these tables there, you walk this way, don’t get your heel caught in the deck and fall on your face.” Standard rehearsal rehearsing.

The morning of the wedding I got to do the second definition of Passion. A strong feeling that causes you to act in a dangerous way.

The morning of the wedding, Chelsy dropped me off at Mels hotel, so I could make my hair appointment well Chelsy and Helena dropped some things off at the venue. I then met up with everyone with super fancy hair. The best part about that morning was sitting around a table eating cheese platters, laughing and getting ready together.
What will I remember the most about that morning? Oh probably climbing around on rocks in fancy dresses and heels.

Yes that’s right, climbing over rocks in heels.

If I didn’t love Mel so much, and want to her to have some of the best  wedding photos, I would have never done that. But I did it! The pictures turned out wonderful and I would scale rocks in heels again for her.

The evening of wedding I got to see the third definition of Passion, not once but three times. A strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone.

The first time I saw it was when Mel and Eric sealed the deal with a kiss.  It was a wonderful moment, not a dry eye in the house and you could just feel the love radiate off of Mel and Eric.
The second time I got to experience it, no words were said, just a sharp intake of breath and then a toast from the father of the bride to the bride and groom. The look Helena gave her husband is the look I hope to give someone someday. The look of love that will last forever.
The third time that evening that I got to witness it was at a photo booth. Donovan kissed Chelsy with such a passion that the aftershock hit me. These two have been together since high school, so around 10 years? I remember feeling instantly sad that the person I wanted to bring couldn’t make it, however that feeling was very short-lived. I was engulfed in such a bear hug from Donovan that I remembered that who needs a date when you have friends like these.

I’m so incredibly happy that I got to be a part of that wedding and I’m also glad I didn’t have a date that evening. If I had a date I’m sure I would have missed some of these moments otherwise.

All the best.



I believe the best part about traveling is getting in a plane and not knowing where your adventure will take you once you get off that plane.

My first time in a plane was when I went to London. I had never been in a plane before that trip. I had no idea what to expect so naturally I booked a window seat.

Best decision I had ever made, I loved looking out the window, seeing the Rocky Mountains from a different angle. Our world is a beautiful place and I encourage everyone to get out and explore it. Since that trip I always hope to get the window seat.

With this said, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Like that time I went to Italy

First off, getting to Italy was an adventure in itself. Our plane was to board early in the morning then have a two-hour layover in Frankfort, and fly to Rome. Oh, if only things went according to plan. For some reason, my flight from Vancouver left an hour and a half late.

Ever run across the Frankfort airport? No, it’s a massive airport by the way. Ever try and catch your connecting flight to Rome that leaves in 20 mins?

Well I have!

And I missed it by 5 fucking minutes.

After a re-booking of a ticket, I was on the next one. In two hours. I missed the start of my Contiki trip but I made it to Rome and I got to have a shower.

Now that was me going to Italy. Coming back home was its own cluster fuck.

Check into the airline was fine! First plan boarded a bit late so it made me run across the Frankfort airport.


I remember standing in line for the last security check and some guy comes up to me and insists that I allow him to go ahead as his plane is going to leave in just a few minutes. I explain to him that I too and in the same boat, so sorry, not sorry. He had rude words to say like “I hope you miss your flight” and “I thought all Canadians where nice!”

Fact: Turns out line guy was also getting on my plane.

A not yet boarded plane was the only reason I made it. I never did find out the reason the plane ended up boarding late. Now, because so many people where squished into a tiny room waiting to get on a plane, it was really hot. Like a sauna hot. I’m thinking great a few hundred stinky people stuck on a plane together. Yay! Anyway, It was so hot that a guy actually fainted. So a medical team had been called, and we waited for them to clear this guy to fly.

Finally we board! However, we now had to wait for a window because there were too many clouds above our section of airway. At this point, I just don’t care, I’m on the plane, I’m heading home, Flight team- Do what you need to get me their safe.

Then the gentlemen from earlier realized he shouldn’t be flying, he feels very unwell and needs to get off the plan.

Oh this all went down well we were on the tarmac, waiting for our window. The airline then had to taxi back to the airport, then unload this guy and his luggage. So needless to say we left the airport two hours later than planned.

You would think that this would be the end of this post, but wait theirs more!

The guy sitting across the aisle from me started complaining to the flight attendants that this plane ride is now 11 hours instead of the scheduled 9 hours. FOOL, BE GLAD YOU ARE ON THE PLANE! The flight attendants on this flight were top-notch. We got lots of free wine, booze, cookies and nuts for our troubles.

Clearly the way to my heart is with cookies and wine.

Now some people become jerks when they don’t get their way. (Here’s looking to you aisle guy). He had gotten so upset that the flight crew couldn’t give him bottles of wine. Yes bottles of wine. He claimed that other airlines would give him bottles, why should this be any different. So the flight attendant gave extra cookies to shut him up. This guy then proceeded to open the bag with such strength the bag just explodes and I’m the one covered in cookie bits. The flight attendant then apologized, I told him no need, it’s not your fault some people can’t open cookies.  The look I got from angry aisle guy was fantastic.
All threw out the trip he would bark orders at our wonderful flight attendants, and I would always finish his sentence with a please or thank you.

It would go something like this:

ME- “Please”

ASS- “You flight worker, take my garbage”
ME- “Please and thank you”

You could tell he wanted to yell at me. Somehow I knew he wouldn’t because he didn’t want to get arrested for picking a fight with a girl half his age. Also, I’m sure he didn’t want to be that guy on the plan.

Other than running across the Frankfort airport a second time and a rude passenger on the plane, it was a good trip home. I managed to watch all three hobbit movies and get super drunk thanks to my lovely flight attendants.

~All the best,

p.s-  Traveling fun tip- Be nice to your flight crew, please and thank you go a long way. (You may get extra cookies and wine)