Challenge Yourself.

One of the definitions of challenge is:

To test the ability, skill, or strength of (someone or something) : to be difficult enough to be interesting to (someone)

Last year I took part in the Instagram 365 Photo Challenge (Technically it was the 366 photo challenge as it was a leap year) and I loved it. An old co-worker of mine did the Instagram Photo Challenge in 2015 and she inspired me to take on that challenge for 2016.

So from January 1st to Dec 31st 2016 I took a total of 3,000+ Photos and made 442 posts to Instagram.

It was never about getting followers, or a number of likes, but to challenge myself to do something every day for a year. Some days it was to find something that made me happy, or brought a memory to mind, or something stupid that made me laugh. In the end, it was to challenge myself and to see how I could do the same thing in a different way, every day.

Of course like any challenge you take on in life, you are going to have some difficult times. With that said, the only time last year I felt I really struggled with the Photo Challenge was near the end. December was a hard month for me to get through. Creatively, emotionally and physically. The stress from working the holidays, my best friend was moving out and to top it off I ended up with a meniscus tear in my knee. As a result, it was hard to find the drive to finish the project.

But I did and it felt great.

I did end my photo challenge on a bit of a lower note then I originally wanted to, but I felt it was a perfect way to end the year and the photo challenge.

So it’s a new year, 2017, and I have a new challenge for myself.

One blog post a week for a year.

I’m excited about writing about my travel plans, life, love, adventures, and all the weird transit stories. But I’m mostly excited about what I’m going to get up to this year. I look forward to see what 2017 is going to throw my way and how I’m going to knock it out of the park.

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