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February 2017

Baking Life


The definition of Definition of bake

Baked; Baking

1 :  to cook (as food) by dry heat especially in an oven
2 :  to dry or harden by subjecting to heat

My definition of baking:

  1. Stress relief.
  2. Relaxation.
  3. Creation a tasty things.

I use to bake all the time growing up, but in recent years it was just easier to buy my bread, baked goods and treats from a store.

When I was younger I would bake Peanut Butter cookies for my dad and the guys at his work. I use to remember the recipe from heart. I would come home from school, do homework and then bake cookies. I remember one time I messed up the salt and sugar. I got a call from my dad from work asking what was up with the cookies. Needless to say the cookies ended up a bit salty. Even our dog wouldn’t eat them, he just knew.

During my teens, I would bring cupcakes to game nights with friends.

I use to bring cupcakes and cookies into work randomly throughout the year. Now, I usually only bake Ginger crinkle cookies around Christmas.

Although for the past month, I’ve been getting back into the swing of things. I’ve made buns, cupcakes, cinnamon buns and bread.

I’ve missed it. I really have.

I use baking to get my frustrations and my stress out. If I was sad or upset with something I would make cupcakes and then get lost in the decorating. I’m not sure why I stopped.

My house use to smell like a house. Now when you walk into my house now, it smells like a home. A home of sweet treats and baked goods.



The last couple of weeks I’ve learned about RRSPs, TFSA, Bonds, Stocks, CPP, and so on. Which is why I’m a little behind on my blog of the week. (Two blogs behind scheduled actually.) I did figure out is that I should have started my RRSP with work about 7 years ago. But, I guess better late than never at all!

It was a lot to take it and a lot to process. It made me think about where I want my life to go.

When do I want to retire? 60? 65? 71? How are the choices I make in my 20’s going to affect my life in my 60-70’s? How comfortable do I want to retire? What will I retire with? Where will I retire? Who will get my benefits if I pass?

I’m glad for three things:

1. The internet.
Its full of so many answers to my many questions.

2. Work.
For providing me some tools to help me understand what I’m jumping into.

3. The Italian.

For explaining everything I’ve just learned into words I can understand.

Spending quite a bit of time learning about the world of retirement made me realize a couple of things.

Owning a home is an important aspect of a solid retirement. It’s too bad that living in Vancouver has made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to own a home. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I’m ever to own a home, it will not be here.

A family is another important aspect of retirement. Who are my beneficiaries? If i was to ever pass, who would get my benefits and investments? I have three people as my beneficiaries in case anything does happen to me, however, I would rather it be my spouse and child(ren).

I want to retire comfortably. Well I should have started this process when I was eligible through work, I’m glad I’m doing it now, before I turn 30. I’m also very glad I started a TFSA about 5 years ago. Well it’s not a lot to most, its something.

Well I realize that trying to figure this all out when I’m 28 is weird when I don’t plan on retirement for a long while, its important to have some kind of plan.

Now I have a start of a plan.