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Life update Part 1: Love and Paperwork

Where have I been?

What have I been up to?

What kind of adventures have I been on?

A lot apparently.
Love, Paperwork, Driving Lessons, Having a breakdown or two and making big decisions in life.

He’s going to hate me for using this photo, but it’s one of my favorites.

Lets start off with my love life because lets face it, its the best part! The Irishman. Or, better known as my other half, Anthony.

If you didn’t know, we began dating in October 2016. What started off as adventures around the city of Vancouver, turned into dates around the City. I asked Anthony to move in with me in March 2017. He moved in on the 15 and then we traveled to Ireland to meet his family. (Who are all amazing and I can’t wait to meet the newest additions to the family on our next visit over).

I knew I was head over heals for the guy the moment we checked our hotel room in Dublin.

We had just traveled from Waterford to Dublin and we where getting settled into our room. By this I mean, Anto’s socks smelled so bad I decided to put them in between the windows to air them out. He would pass me a sock, I’d arrange it in between the windows, then another, repeat. He then handed me a little box. Inside said box was a little green ring. No not an engagement ring! Let’s not get crazy here!(yet). But a promise ring to continue to have adventures with me and deal with his smelly socks. We ate fish and chips for dinner. Then spent the night walking around Dublin. The best part was when we were walking across one of the bridges that’s shaped like a harp. You could hear music coming from somewhere and we ended up dancing on the bridge like a couple of fools in love. It was grand.

Its been over a year since we’ve live together now and of course we have had our arguments, it hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows. Although the laughing together, the crying together (OK mostly me crying), the growing as a couple and as people together have made me realize how much Anthony is my rock.

March 15th I was able to legally put in an application for spousal sponsorship.


It was a lot of paperwork, many nights arguing with each other on what we needed, what we didn’t need, what still needed to get done and how many letters or photos where to go into this package.

It was a stressful time and it didn’t help that I was already stressed out from work and worrying about bills. Being the only one income does put things into perspective.

A lot of people asked how I was doing and for the most part the go to answer was “I’m find, I’m grand!”. However, towards the finishing of the paperwork I had a couple of breakdowns and Anto got sick.


Cue breakdown number 1.
How are we going to afford a visit to the ER?!
How am I going to pay for this?
I simply didn’t know how to help him.

That last one really broke my heart. Essentially what had happened was Anthony caught strep throat, and because he let it get so bad, I made him go to the walk in. The long of the short of the walk in visit was that of a huge dose of antibiotics, steroids, and some great staff.

It was a rough couple of weeks, but in the end the medication did what it needed to do and he’s all better now. He does still make weird noises in the bathroom every now and again, but I think that’s normal. This is just another reason that made me realize how much he adds to my life, even when I was having a breakdown and he was sick, he wanted to make sure I was OK.


Seriously, I can’t get over how much paperwork you need to do. I understand and totally get why one needs to do all this paperwork, but man, its a lot. At one point we realized we had everything we needed for Anthony, however, along the way we forgot about me. After all, this paperwork was about US. I was so worried about the things we needed for Anthony that I didn’t get what I needed done.

Cue breakdown number 2.
What if we don’t get all the paperwork done in time?
What if we submit the wrong paperwork?
What if we don’t get the PR?
What if I lose you?

That last one was the one that broke me, again. What if we don’t get the PR? What if I can’t be with you? It was the moment that I realized that if we didn’t get the PR for him, I would moved my world to go anywhere he is.

The day we went to mail everything off was my 30th birthday. March 26th. It was suppose to be a quite day of me go to the spa, relax, come home and get everything together, go to post office, mail it, then go to dinner.

This is not how it happened.

Yes I did go to the spa, but I’ll be honest with you. It was awful. 1/10 would not recommend the place I went to.
Came home and finished writing on the backs of the photos, got everything together and off to the post office!

Worst experience at a post office ever.

And spa….

The guy behind the counter was not a post office trained employee, he had ZERO idea of what he was doing. So we waited 45mins in the store until the lady came back from her break. Once she was back we where sealed, stamped and mailed within 5mins.

But it was too late to go out to dinner at that point. So, we came home and built a fort in the living room. We got pizza delivered, watched Disney movies, and ate Ice cream cake.

It’s going to be an interesting year ahead of us. But I look forward to adventuring the world with you and all the ups and downs that are going to be in our way.