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Time for a change of address.

A little back story before I jump into my blog post.

I have lived at this current address for literally 9 years. I moved out to Vancouver for all the wrong reasons, or rather one reason, a guy. He found this place and when we broke up, he moved out. I stayed and have lived here in the same place since. My landlords name is June and as far as landlords go, she’s pretty great. I remember when I broke up with said boy, she offered to reduce the rent and I had a bag of food waiting at the door step the day after I told her.

So fast forward to this blog post.

I remember it like it was yesterday, or exactly two weeks ago today, that my landlord, June, asked us to move out. I was in the middle of doing laundry, hadn’t put on a bra or brushed my teeth. Much like I am now. I was in the middle of my Sunday morning routine, my lazy day if you will. Now I have had the feeling of someone pull the rug out from under me only a couple of times in life, but that moment took top spot.

It was around 10am, Anthony was still asleep and I was in the heart of Sunday routine. June knocked on the laundry room door and she doesn’t usually do that unless she has to give us mail or news of her travel plans.

“Bailey I am so sorry to do this but we need you to move out.”





Oh my god, what are we going to do?

Holy shit, how are we going to do this on one income? It had only been a month since we sent off all the immigration paper work! Whats going to happen with the paperwork now?

I then thought “Why didn’t I get proper dressed this morning?”

^ This was my real response.^

As it turns out June’s elderly father in law needs to move in. The place he was currently living had a fire in the building and they don’t want him to live their anymore. June does have an extra room upstairs. However, it is also the room that June’s mother passed away in about 3 years ago and her father in law doesn’t want to live their. According to June she likes us more than next door, however her husband passed away about 2 years ago and so her father in law doesn’t want to move into that space either.

Anthony and I where in the last death free space in the house. So as a result, she was giving us notice and we would need to be out by July 1st.

Now because we are waiting on the PR Paperwork to come back, Anthony can’t work. So this means finding a place for both of us to live in on one income. Can’t be that hard right?! We had a plan! One more year of living here and then finding a place to call our own and paint the walls whatever color we wanted.

I flat-out told that to June. We had a plan, we where planning on moving out next year into our own place. We just needed the year. She said she would talk to her husband.

At this point Anthony was now out of bed. After I closed the door I turned to him and said “What are we going to do?”. Mind you he just got up, was processing what just happened and didn’t give me a response, just a huge hug. Anto then sat down at the computer and began looking for places to live. At that moment I just wanted to talk to someone about it and clearly Anto didn’t. So I did what any rational person would do.

I called my mom

My moms response was to transfer my job back to Kamloops and move home. Least to say I was not thrilled at that idea. I mean after all this wasn’t about just me anymore, Anto had a say in this as well. I had just signed papers saying I would support him. I would give him things like food, clothing and a roof over his head. Being suggested I move home seemed like 15 steps backwards, but I know my moms heart was in the right place. Anto and I would have to figure this out.

For the next six days it was a weird do we need to move? do we not? Why so much yelling upstairs during the day?!

Fact: When they have their game nights it sounds like someone is being murdered upstairs so much screaming and yelling. However, it’s just game night from 10 to like 2am  once a month.

So to hear yelling in the middle of the afternoon was very strange. Anthony and I went for lots of evening walks to talk and figure out our next move and what we needed to do if we had to move. We even sat down at the bank and talked about Mortgages with a specialist. Essentially, with just my name on it, it wasn’t going to work and I didn’t want JUST my name on it, I wanted OUR name on it. June got back to us that Saturday evening and Yes we needed to move. Anthony and I talked about it so we where ready for that answer.

Once we found out we hit the ground running. Saturday night we sat down and talked about budget. What we could afford, what we couldn’t and what we will have to give up to make it work and started sending out e-mails via Craigslist.

I would give up my Starbucks coffees and Anto would give up Guinness. 

Not forever! I’m not crazy I know an Irish guy needs his Guinness like a person needs to breath. It just made me love him even more because he would give up something so we could have a better us.

Overall we sent out about 50 e-mails between the two of us. By that I mean I mostly sent out e-mails because I couldn’t sleep and I got up early Sunday morning, made a cup of coffee, started laundry and started looking on Craigslist.

Of the roughly 50 e-mails we sent we only heard back from about 15 people. But looking for places to live was an adventure inside of itself. We lucked out and found something in our budget and close to the area we love.

After all home is where your heart is and wherever Anto will be is where I will call home.

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