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A new couch.

Out with the old, in the with the new!

That’s how the saying goes right? What they don’t tell you is how hard it can be to let go and get rid of something that’s old and how stressful it is to get something new.

Especially if that thing you are trying to get rid of is a couch. Let me tell you of the last few weeks of my life and couches.

The old.

The old.

Here’s a little back story on how I managed to get this couch.Here’s a little back story on how I managed to get this couch. It was super squishy, I knew how to sit in it so it would eat the other person, It was a great place to sit when people where over for board games and best of all, it doubled as a bed when someone stayed over. I loved that couch.

With that said, I also hated that couch. It was old. The back cushions where more like sausages that only came out when I had more people over then the couch could fit. So they lived in the hallway. As a result, I had extra blankets draped over the couch a million pillows to make yourself comfortable.

It was a love hate relationship with that couch, but so many memories were made around and on that couch. This couch outlasted all of my romantic relationships and I made friends with brilliant people around that couch.

I have said for years, “It’s time! I’m getting a new couch!” I would go out, look at couches and have the realization that couches are very expensive and not then not actually buy a couch.

So when I finally did it, I figured I would just post it to Craigslist for free.
*The couch was given to me free, so I felt it should go free to a new home* 
I also thought that the last week of August would be the best time to post it. New students where going to be coming into the city, so I would have hundreds of offers to take away my free couch.
Or so I thought!

Turns out people want you to deliver your free couch to them or find someone to take it from your house to theirs for them. It was on Craigslist for 5 days before 3 young college kids came and picked it up.

What I wasn’t ready for, was to actually let go of the couch. Watching some random strangers literally pick up my couch, load it up and drive off with it, was actually really hard to watch. But new couch meant making new memories and new friends. So I turned around and walked back into the house and said “Look at all this space for activities!”. My house echoed, it was weird.

At the end of August I went testing out couches with the Italian. That turned out to be an adventure of its own because he didn’t care, because after all “a couch is just a couch”. I did end up picking out a couch that I loved! However, the color I wanted wasn’t in stock so it would be 2-3 weeks before it arrived.

Begin the 2-3 weeks of stressing out because I didn’t measure the couch before I bought it!

When it finally arrived, the two movers had it in a box and I flat-out said “I hope it fits threw the door because I forgot to measure it”. I was completely 100% ready to take apart this couch, and reassemble it myself inside. However, It did fit! They assembled the legs, took away all the packaging and off they went. Turns out I stressed out for nothing.

The new!

The new!

Lessons learned from buying a new couch:
– Getting rid of old things doesn’t mean you are getting rid of the memories and friends that you made along the way.
– Make multiple ads on Craigslist if you need to get rid of something.
– Measure, measure, measure! But keep in mind the feet do usually come off!

All the best,
Bailey B.


Time Flies.

Holy wow, when you are busy, time flies!

In the last two weeks I’ve been so busy with work and getting ready for Mel and Erics wedding that I just didn’t have a crazy amount of creative energy for a few blog posts!

5 days ago I got to watch one of my best friends marry her super awesome other half. It was a beautiful wedding full of adventure, love and Kleenex. No trips to the ER!

I promise you new blog posts are coming! Including more awful dates, transit stories and now wedding adventures!

All the best,
Bailey B.


Life Lessons.

I believe that every person who enters our life teaches us a life lesson. Some lessons are more important than others. Some will be learned over and over again. However, some lessons will be learned the hard way.

Let’s roll back to 2006 and my first official relationship. For privacy reasons we will call him Lowie.

Lowie taught me about Love, self-respect and most importantly: Cheaters never prosper.

I took an interest in my art and always had my nose in a book, so dating wasn’t an interest to me until very late into high school. So I didn’t get my first boyfriend until I was 17 and the last year of High school. This was also the time that Lowie entered my life. At the time I found him to be charming, sweet, he could hold a real conversation, and he was a looker. Curly blond hair, Blue eyes, athletic. The total length of our relationship lasted 2 years. Although, looking back it should have ended around our 1 year.

The reason for this is after about a year, Lowie cheated on me. He had gone on a date with a girl and sealed it with a kiss. Finding out Lowie took the time to get to know this girl over a date, driving her home and kissing her good night. First boyfriend and heartbreak. However, I was going to stand my ground. It’s been almost some years since that breakup. I can still remember being on the phone with him asking who this girl was and he didn’t lie to me; he told me he was sorry, it was a mistake. I remember telling him that he didn’t really love me; he didn’t respect me as his girlfriend. How could I continue dating someone who could so easily betray me? My heart was broken by not just some guy, but someone I considered at the time to be a true friend. I was done, relationship over.

Cue getting roses and love notes every day for a week. It was especially romantic because he was away working at a summer camp. So of course, I took him back. I was being wooed! What kind of 18 year old wouldn’t love this?

We dated another year before we broke up, for good. Why did we break up after another year? Well, he cheated on me again. This time I would let him go, I deserved better.

This relationship taught me many things. One was one of the most important life lessons to date.

Cheaters never prosper and aren’t worth it to keep them.

I find it funny how lessons you learned in your past can help you in your present. Over  the years I’ve had other boyfriends who’ve cheated, but unlike the first, they don’t get to come back. I refuse to allow myself to be with someone who can’t make the effort to stand beside me on this crazy ride called life.

It’s like the saying goes, When Life gives you lemons, and you make lemonade. You have to put in the work to get the reward.

All the best,
Bailey B.