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The Breakup.

So it’s not new news, or it might be news depending on how well you know me. But, the Italian and I broke up. I’m sure you are wondering what happened!? How could this be? Bailey are you OK? Hows the Italian?

Don’t worry, the Italian and I are still friends, in fact we are going to still live together.

Why? Well because we didn’t work out romantically, we are still good friends and roommates.  I live in Vancouver, a non-crazy roommate is hard to find. Besides we were friends and roommates before the relationship, we will continue to be because we are adults.

Which brings me to why we broke up, we are adults. We have our own life goals and apparitions. We are figuring out what we really want and where our lives are going. I can only speak for myself on this part. I know roughly what I want out of life.

One I want to travel more. A lot more.

Traveling for me is more than a hobby, more then a vacation. It’s something I’m passionate about, it’s an adventure to be had. We have a whole wide world out there and I need to see more of it! So many foods to be eaten, drinks to be drank, and things to be experience!

The second thing I would like out of life -eventually- is my own squad. This means, get married, get a fuzzy animal of some sort, have kids. The Italian is not sure if he wants the last part of that and I don’t blame him. It’s not for everyone. But that doesn’t change the fact that I would like to be a mom one day.

This is and probably will be the hardest breakup that I’ll ever experience. It’s not that we wanted to break up but we want different things in life. When you look at it in the long run it was for the best. Neither of us want to resent each other down the road because the other didn’t get what they wanted out of life. I don’t want to be held back from my dreams and I can’t hold someone back from there dreams.

So when people ask if I’m OK.

The answer is yes, I’m OK.

For the simple reason I get to keep my best friend and not lose him entirely down the road. Being an adult is hard. You have you have to deal with things head on that make you uncomfortable. With that said you come out the other side a stronger person.

Even if it sucks for a little while.



Canadian Thanksgiving.

Hello everyone!

I swear I didn’t forget about this blog! Life just kind of happened again and I lost the mojo! But fear not, I’m trying really hard to get back into the swing of writing again! Breaking old habits are hard but do-able!

Canadian Thanksgiving is today and I have plenty to be thankful for. I’ll give you Four things I’m super thankful for and why.

First in the spotlight is my family and friends. Well you might say “Hey that’s two things!”. Well, some of my friends are like family and thus get to share the number One reason to be thankful this year. Although I might not have your typical white picket fence, fancy dresses and dinner party family. I have a great family that is around when I need them. I have friends all over the world. No matter where in the world I am, they are there. I’ve got some pretty spectacular people in my life  and I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way. I’m excited to share life and its adventures with all of them.

Second in the spotlight is the Italian, the guy who puts up with my shenanigans and lets me be myself. All well living with me! He makes me laugh, brings me tea when I’m feeling like a potato and is my space heater in the winter time.

Third in the spotlight is Canada. I have traveled a little, and already have realized how amazing it is to live in a country like Canada. I don’t fear for my life to vote, I don’t have to worry about going to the doctor, I can express my opinion as a women and have it be heard. We have clean water, beautiful landscapes and a $50 bill that smells like maple syrup.

Forth in the spotlight is my job. I’m very grateful I have a job. It gives me a reason to get up in the morning, to live in a place with a roof and windows, it allows me to pay my bills, to indulge in fine things, and it allows me to travel. Without this job I wouldn’t know where I would be.

I have so many more reasons I am thankful for this Thanksgiving, these are just Four. I could sit here all day and write about them but I won’t. I may have to work today but that’s OK, I have a job, a great family in a fantastic country and brilliant friends to share it with.

As my dad says,
“Happy Turkey Day!”

All the best,
Bailey B.



The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.

Last year my good friend Mel approached me to do this thing called GISHWHES, and I thought she was crazy. It is a week of find just how silly, spontaneous and creative you can get with a list of 100+ items. Set the stage, take a picture or a video of your creation and move on to the next item. Did I mention you are on a team of 15? You could know all those people or they could be from all over the world.

Build a nest in a upscale neighborhood, nest in it.

Build a nest in a upscale neighborhood, nest in it.

Last year was fantastic! I adorned a fabulous dress made of things only found in your bathroom. I built a gingerbread scene depicting a seedy neighborhood with a heavy police presence. I even managed to build a giant birds nest in the Olympic Village, completely made of straw.

This year however, was like night and day. I found it to be completely different from last year for me. Why? Well, I’ll be honest with you, I hated it.

It’s not that I hated my team or the offical GISHWHES Item list, both of which where wonderful and awesome. The problem had to do with me and not being able to unlock that creative person I know I can be. Give me crayons, a hairdryer, some tape and sparkles and I can build you a grand rainbow. Last week also happened to be a very stressful week at work, which in turn, make it very difficult to pull at that creative person.

I tried to create a sculpture of a few different landmarks out of sugar cubes, roughly 2 ft high. Every time I got it to around a foot and a half, it got knocked over by the wind, I accidentally knocked it over, a bee landed on it. Each time I fell over, I tried my best to keep a good attitude in putting it back together, but after a few attempts and a couple of days putting it back together, I gave up. Giving up is not an easy thing for me to do once I find something I want to do, but sometimes its best to go back to the drawing board.

I ended up building the stupid thing in the bathtub, not as elegant or awesome as I wanted, but I did it. I built the tower, in the tub and looking back, its how it suppose to be.

I also found that being presented with a list of random and awesome things to do, I work best when I have someone to bounce ideas with. All of my team members lived hours and miles away from me, so I had to pull at people I knew. A big shout out to Geoff, Richard and Anthony for your help during last week.

A special shout out to Anthony. I needed someone I loved to hug for 20 mins, in a public space, and then time-laps it into 10 seconds. So naturally, I choose my boyfriend. During a bad week at work, me doing random and strange things with food all week, Anthony was there.

Made entirely out of extra things in my fridge.

Made entirely out of extra things in my fridge.

This year I managed to make a few random things out of leftover foods in my fridge, yell “This is how you get ants!”. Learn that sugar cubes are only good after 3 drops on the floor before they become round and you can’t use them to stack. But most importantly I learned that even if I’m having a bad week, I will always have someone, near or far, to help me be silly, spontaneous and creative.

All the best,
Bailey B.