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Whimsical BUT Stable

Dear Mr. Smith,

Someone once described me as whimsical but stable. I’ll be honest with you Mr. Smith; I’m not really sure why these words upset me so much. But, they did.

Maybe it’s because I thought that this is how people would always describe me? Turns out I was wrong. I asked a few people who actually knew me to describe me in two words. This was the list I ended up with:

Dynamic, Creative, Happy, Stubborn, Sassy, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Helpful,
Friendly, Approachable, Fiery, Lovable, Stubborn, Upfront, Shiny, Bubbly, Outgoing,
Bright, Witty, Warm, Dreamer, Fierce.

The one that made me laugh was Hashtag Queen. If you follow me on Instagram you know why.

Oh by the way, the person who described me as whimsical but stable was you Mr. Smith. I mean in all fairness, you where comparing me to all your ex-girlfriends (great way to make a girl feel special by the way!) so that didn’t help matters. Maybe it did because according to you “I wasn’t crazy but stable”

Apparently having a head on my shoulders, a budget, life goals,
dreams and hopes for my future meant that I was stable!


However, you did call me Whimsical. Actually, your exact words where “You’re not crazy, but stable. I mean you’re whimsical as well as stable. I would describe you as whimsical but stable”.

Now I do realize that I have a serious case of wanderlust and the need to travel. However, one would use the word AND not BUT when describing someone.

Writing this has actually helped. I’m realizing now it’s not the words Whimsical or stable that I have an issue with. It’s the fact you used the word BUT. Like one is worse than the other. Well, I wouldn’t use these words to describe myself; I will add them to the list of how people describe me.

Perhaps the next time you try to romance a girl, don’t compare her to your non-stable ex-girlfriends and don’t use the word but. Here is a list of words that could be used instead of but, depending on how you need to use them:


Looking back I never did get a chance to describe you in two words. But I would like to do so now.

Dedicated and Mystified.

Now, let me explain. You’re dedicated to those you hold dear and the job you love. You seem to know what you want in life, but don’t actually want that. Although you do a great job of confusing the shit out of girl. Or you DO know exactly what you want but don’t want to let anyone in to see the real you, to let them in and let yourself get hurt.

Yet here I am, wishing you all the best in life’s adventures Mr. Smith. Why? Well because I think you’re a great guy who just needs to figure his shit out before he can let anyone in.

So, in the end I guess I would describe myself as Whimsical AND Stable.

Funny how life works itself out.

All the best.


The Breakup.

So it’s not new news, or it might be news depending on how well you know me. But, the Italian and I broke up. I’m sure you are wondering what happened!? How could this be? Bailey are you OK? Hows the Italian?

Don’t worry, the Italian and I are still friends, in fact we are going to still live together.

Why? Well because we didn’t work out romantically, we are still good friends and roommates.  I live in Vancouver, a non-crazy roommate is hard to find. Besides we were friends and roommates before the relationship, we will continue to be because we are adults.

Which brings me to why we broke up, we are adults. We have our own life goals and apparitions. We are figuring out what we really want and where our lives are going. I can only speak for myself on this part. I know roughly what I want out of life.

One I want to travel more. A lot more.

Traveling for me is more than a hobby, more then a vacation. It’s something I’m passionate about, it’s an adventure to be had. We have a whole wide world out there and I need to see more of it! So many foods to be eaten, drinks to be drank, and things to be experience!

The second thing I would like out of life -eventually- is my own squad. This means, get married, get a fuzzy animal of some sort, have kids. The Italian is not sure if he wants the last part of that and I don’t blame him. It’s not for everyone. But that doesn’t change the fact that I would like to be a mom one day.

This is and probably will be the hardest breakup that I’ll ever experience. It’s not that we wanted to break up but we want different things in life. When you look at it in the long run it was for the best. Neither of us want to resent each other down the road because the other didn’t get what they wanted out of life. I don’t want to be held back from my dreams and I can’t hold someone back from there dreams.

So when people ask if I’m OK.

The answer is yes, I’m OK.

For the simple reason I get to keep my best friend and not lose him entirely down the road. Being an adult is hard. You have you have to deal with things head on that make you uncomfortable. With that said you come out the other side a stronger person.

Even if it sucks for a little while.



Awkward dates

Every person has a story of a bad date that they have been on. I have been on more than my share of awful, cringe worthy dates.  Let me share you a couple true stories of my life when I was single.

This date took place about 3 years ago? I went on a date with an attractive redhead named Gavin. He seemed like an interesting character with some quirky personality. We decided to meet up for lunch. We ended up meeting up at Cafe Deux Soleils because he’s vegetarian. He’s attractive, outgoing and he loves animals, why is this man single? Well…. we somehow got on the topic of finding “the one” and babies. Yes already on awkward ground as we had been on this date for about 30 mins. Then, he proceeds to drop the following and I look for the nearest exit to go anywhere but that moment.

“You will need to be pure before we start having kids. Like no more drinking, drugs and un-natural foods. Everything you put into your body from now on will be organic so our baby will have a clean and healthy start with their energy”.

It should be noted that I don’t do drugs, but Gavin here was talking about cold and pain medications such as ibuprofen and the like.

The date ended soon after.

I like to believe that everyone goes on at least one super awkward date in their life. Let me tell you about my awkward date with Mike that happened about 2 years ago. He was working as an architectural technologist, so in other words very smart with lines and terms. He was about my height, short blond hair and a retainer. Mike wasn’t my usual type of guy, he was very shy, awkward, didn’t like sports but had a kind smile. We had an alright first date over cheesecake and coffee. Mike was very shy, loved books and old movies, so the first date was a bit slow but other than that quite lovely. The second date started off with Mike taking his retainer out before dinner, which is alright but leaving it on the table in the open, not so much. When dinner was over and walking to the skytrain, I saw the kiss coming miles away. How? Well he said “In order to give you a proper kiss, I need to remove my retainer”.

The date ended very soon after that, without a good night kiss.

I had gone on of dates with some guy who’s name I can’t remember, but I do remember going out for dinner, ending back at my place hanging out on the couch. I don’t remember much of that evening other than feeling super uncomfortable as he tried his hardest to put his moves on me. I should mention that my roommate was home this entire time, so that in itself was awkward. I do however remember him saying the lines “No grapefruits, no grouping” and laughing my ass off in front of him. As to the context of this I can only imagine it had to do with my roommate’s grapefruits on the table and this date wanting to go forth with more than just hanging out on the couch. I also remember hearing my roommate laugh from his room soon after hearing that line and him thinking this guy was an asshole.

Needless to say, the dates didn’t continue after that.

I’ve been on many, many first dates, some great, most not so great, some awful. I learned through dating that to find a prince you have to kiss a few frogs or throw pasta in their face. Now that’s one of my favorite memories from dating, but that’s for another time!

All the best,
Bailey B.