The Bucket List of Goals.

Everyone has a bucket list or a list of life goals they would like to complete by such a time in their life. Mine is constantly being added to so it tends to get refereed to as my Bucket List of Goals, at least in my head it does. As my life changes, so will the list. However, once I put it on the list, I won’t remove it. This is why I refer to it as a bucket list of Goals. It’s a list that has Items and adventures I wish to do at some point in my life. It’s made up of my travel, lifestyle, relationship and adventure goals.

So without further a due, here it is.

Ireland (April 2014)
Scotland (March 2014)
Visit the Eiffel tower (June 2017)
Helicopter ride around Vancouver
Ride in a hot air balloon
Leaning tower of Pisa (April 2015)
Kiss an Irishman (April 2014)
Get a matching tattoo with mom.
Visit Las Vegas (December 2015)
Cruise to Alaska
Visit Niagara Falls.
Visit the east Coast of Canada. P.E.I, Halifax, New Brunswick
Take the train somewhere in Canada.
Travel 1st class on a
Train (March 2014)
Buy a home!
Be a tourist in a town with no tourist attractions.
Visit London. (March 2014, May/June 2017)
Visit Harry Potter studios.
Put my feet in all oceans and seas.
-North Pacific Ocean, Celtic Sea and Mediterranean Sea-
Learn to Drive
Visit Croatia
Take a horse-drawn carriage ride.
Take a gondola ride (April 2015)
Whale Watching
New York City. The Big Apple!
Visit Greece
Visit Stonehenge
Zip lining.
Learn a ballroom dance.
Donate my hair to a great wig making foundation.
Travel with someone.
Write a blog about my life. (Current work in progress)

Well this is my current Bucket List of Goals. I’m excited about write about my experiences and memories from the strange and beautiful things I’ve done!

All the best,
Bailey B.

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